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Group of public buildings

The revelation began in 1956 from the G. Sotiriou and was continued by the P. Lazaridis in 1960-1698 and 1987.​

There were pointed out 8 building phases. It is concerned of a public group of market or hospital or some other ordainment, that was used for a lot of centuries.


Inside this area, there is bath building with mosaic flooring in a room that can be dated in the 2nd century a.C. ​From city wall parts of the ancient city Fthiotides Thebes towers, gates that were found or were pointed out sporadically became possible the imprint and the determination of its course and its extent.​


The wall is distinguished in land and marine. It was surrounding the city of Omeric Pyrassos, the harbor and big extent of the ancient city.


Its length was 2000 m. roughly and the area 250000 s.m. but the city was extended outside by the environment of fortification.

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