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Local Products

The Greece is world known for the big variety of tasty and splendid traditional products.


Rich the nature, rich and delicious the fantasy in Magnesia. Among the thousands of olive trees, fruit trees and aromatic herbs, the place offers delicious fruit that stimulate the taste.

And do not forget that these products are an important aspect of local culinary culture.

Besides, it is no secret that Magnesia is not famous only for its unparalleled beauty, but also for original and delicious flavors of fruit, traditional food and sweets.


Due to the climate the green surrounding Nea Anchialos is a blessed place for its high quality of olive oil and wine and a great inspiration for artists.


You can find these products at stands and selling points of our city. Here is a list of some of the many local products that visitors can find, buy and take home a tasty wandering from Nea Anchialos.

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