Fish & Seafood

Hundreds of species of shellfish reside in the Greek seas.


No matter what the geographical variation of their names is, they keep the aromas of the sea well enclosed in their tiny bodies.


Let’s taste them!

Nea Anchialos specializes in "Tsipouradika" (also called "Ouzeri") where ("Tsipouro") (local Greek spirit) is served with a huge variety of fish & sea food tidbits.


Enjoy fresh fish as it in the first demand.
Enjoy lobster or grouper in the fish taverns, and enjoy the local tsipouro.

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Union of Sanitary Interest Businesses of Nea Anchialos


47, Eleftherias Str. ● 37400, Nea Anchialos ● Volos ● Greece

Tel: +30 24280 78780 ● Fax: +30 24280 77551


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