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Local Tsipouro Producers


Thessaliko Tsipouro

Tsipouro "18"

Agricaltural Cooperative of Nea Anchialos "Demeter"

The " THESSALIKO TSIPOURO " known in the region of Thessaly produced on the premises of the local Agricaltural Cooperative of Nea Anchialos, one of the oldest cooperatives of Greece , founded in 1918 and has since operated continuously.


The " THESSALIKO TSIPOURO " is the result of multiple distillation marc coming from selected grapes of the Thessalian land . The whole process of distillation and bottling is done in the modern facilities of the Agricaltural Cooperative of Nea Anchialos , using the best materials and traditional local recipes passed from generation to generation.

Special features of the intense flavor and rich aroma.


Available in packs " with Anise " and " without Anise "

tsipouro Tokali.jpg

Tsipouro Tokalis

Tokalis Distilery

The company produces certified organic tsipouro, named  "Τsipouro Tokali",  the first organically certified in Greece.


The special design and materials stills, biological anise, the time available for the distance, the six months that snaps resting...


Tsipouro Boutlas 

Boutlas Family Distilery

Boutla's Tsipouro is available with and without anise.


The Boutla Tsipouro without aniseed is a refined product, produced from a double-distillation of selected skins. 
Crystal in appearance, with a balanced nose and round pleasant taste in 42% vol.
Available in bottle of 50ml, 100ml, 200ml & 700ml


The Boutla Tsipouro  with aniseed, is produced with a double distillation from selected skins. 
Bright and transparent, leaving the primary aromas to get out, not overlapping and making up this aromatic palette, with a velvety texture and long aftertaste to 42% vol.
Available in bottle of 50ml, 100ml, 200ml & 700ml

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