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The Nymph Of Pagassitikos Bay

Thanks to its picturesque, charming nature, clean seaside, the coexistence of peacefulness and the cosmopolitan life and mainly the clean environment and the hospitality of the local people, have made the town one of the biggest tourist resorts of the area.

Nea Anchialos has dense vegetation, full of pine trees, vineyards, olive trees, almonds trees.

Two little hills, Kokkinovrahos and Mavrorahi, rise west-northwest, which attribute to the town its exquisite view of the clear waters of Pagassitikos bay and reveal the excellent laying out.

The beautiful coasts of Nea Anchialos extend to 20 kilometers. There is a variety of beaches with the unique reddish sand (appropriate for sand-baths for people suffering from rheumatism).

There is also golden sand as well as cliffs and pebbles. Small bays and ports, which are formed in certain areas, offer indisputably clear water, ideal for swimming, fishing and sea sports.

Magnesia Map.jpg


Country        Greece

Periphery      Thessaly

County          Magnesia

Municipality   Volos

Population     7,411

Area             80.462 km²

Density          92 /km²

Currency        Euro €1 = 100 cent

Postal Code    37400

Shops Opening Hours

Mon-Wed-Sat    08:00-14:00

Tue-Thu-Fri         08:00-14:00 & 17:30-21:00

Sun                  Closed.  

Only some shops are open.



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