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Nea Anchialos Airport


The “Nea Anchialos-Volos Airport” is the only of Central Greece and only 10 minutes away from the centre of Nea Anchialos. If you take a taxi you will pay approximately €25 (including the luggage). You can also take the bus at Nea Anchialos port. Please advice your hotel for your departure.

Εuropean style two pin sockets are used and electricity comes at 230V 50Hz AC. Adaptors are available at the most hotels and electrical appliances shops, as well as at th airport shops.
Public Transportation
There are very frequent bus schedules from/to Volos every day almost every 20 min. The bus stop is at Nea Anchialos port and you can buy tickets inside the bus. If your destination is Athens or other major city you better reserve a seat and get a ticket at the bus station located in the center of the city. Buses to Volos start at  05:30 and the last return bus is at 09:45.
Don’t take a taxi “without reason.” You can go by foot to most of the important places of Nea Anchialos and Volos. Nea Anchialos Taxi Station - Phone: +30 2428076340
Driving in Greece

Greece has a very bad road safety record in Europe. Driving is often fast and aggressive and the cities are congested, particularly Athens.

Driving licences issued by EU member states are mutually recognized in Greece. Licenses from the US, Canada, Australia and Japan can be converted to Greek ones without a driving test, provided the applicant is in possession of a residence permit.

Stray Dogs

Possibly you might have observed that all greek cities and villages have plenty of stray dogs, a fact that, according to the animal welfare organizations. constitutes a bad publicity for the cities.

The truth is, however, that many of these animals are not abandoned in the streets but actually born there and live in neighborhoods where people feed and water them on a daily basis. In Nea Anchialos most of dogs have collars and the most of stray dogs have been vaccinated and sterilised and are harmless and friendly.

Smoking: Banned, so what?

Smoking in public buildings was officially banned in Greece in July 2009. Law ever, like everything else in this country, the ban was not a simple blanket measure for all. Government announced that from September 1st 2010 there will be a universal ban in all public areas with an eight months transitional period just for casinos and nightclubs. The signs so far are not good with the entertainment industry resisting than ban, as they claim that amid the serious crisis the country is in, it will be the final nail in their coffin.

Health Care

There are no widespread infectious diseases that should be on concern to the visitor and no vaccination are requited prior to your visit.


The tap water in Nea Anchialos is chlorinated and perfectly safe, though it has lot of minerals that consider it “heavy”. so people with sensitivity are advised to consume bottled mineral water, which can be found anywhere.

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