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Local Tsipouro


For those who know, Tsipouro (raki) is a whole culture. Starting from the grape, the care we give a whole year, to reach at the most great time. The distillation!


It's the time that drop by drop from the distillery will start running clean, filling our glasses and our hearts.

Nea Anchialos has a very long tradition through centuries in Tsipouro production which has been transmitted from generation to generation by our ancestors in Eastern Romelia.


There are many producers in Nea Anchialos producing bottled Tsipouro by preserving the old original recipe in perfect combination with modern manufacturing methods and certifications.


Nea Anchialos Tsipouro has been awarded with many national as well as international distinctions.

You can buy the local wines from local distributors.


Local Tsipouro Producers

Local Tsipouro Producers

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Local Tsipouro

Taste and feel the aroma of the local tsipouro


Wine Routes

Nea Anchialos Wine Routes

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