Basilica A' - Agios Demetrios

It is situated southeast of the today's main market on the national highway. The excavation started in 1924 and has been terminated in 1928.

Basilica A' is a three-nave one with vestibule, yard and additional buildings. Characteristic though is the forming of the yard and the buildings surrounding the Basilica, as well as of the baptistery and the vestry. The floors were covered with flat stones out of marble and mosaics.

Additional excavations (in 1972 and1973) have brought into light the yard and the buildings south, east and north of the basilica. 

The name of the basilica has been beard out of a floor mosaic epigraph of the baptistery were it is written «Saint Dimitrios».


2nd half of the 5th century a.C.


Under heated bath

of the 5th century a.C., northwest of the basilica.


Private mansion

of the 5th century a.C., 50 m. north of the basilica


Stone covered boulevard

with colonnade and shops east of the basilica



with family and private graves north east of the basilica


Under heated bath

south of the same basilica


Wrestling ring and gymnasium

south of the southern baths

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Φθιώτιδες Θήβες
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Νεότερη Ιστορία
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