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Laographic Museum "The Alley" - Nea Anchialos

Collection of objects of daily agricultural life and professions of the region and Thessaly. Also objects from Anchialos of Eastern Romelia. Operator: George Dionysiou.

Athanasakio Museum.jpg

Athanassakion Archaeological Museum Volos

The Museum was erected in 1909 with the donation of Alexios Athanasakis. It is one of the most important Greek museums with original siting. In its chambers are exhibited objects from the Neolithic settlements of Sesklo and Dimini, clay figurines and utensils of the geometric era from the castle of Volos, Pefkakia, Neapolis, as well as from the wider Thessalian area, sculptures of the classical era as well as rarely articulated figurines, reliefs of the Alexandrian period from Demetrias. Particularly important exhibits are, of course, the rare written columns of the 3rd century BC. which preserve paintings of ancient Greeks in marble works of art. 

For more information please call 24210-25285 and 24210-24134.

Hours of Operation 8: 30-15: 00 all year except Mondays.

Mouseio Polis Volou.jpg

The Museum of the city of Volos

The Museum of the City of Volos is the first modern City Museum in Greece. It is located in Palias, 15, Feon Street. It is housed in the building of the former tobacco factory Panaghia Papadou, which was built around 1920. In the courtyard of the Museum there is a part of the eastern side of the wall of the castle of Palaion.

On the ground floor there are areas for periodical exhibitions and events, a shop and a reading room. Underneath the periodic exhibition hall, sections of water distribution and transport pipelines, dating back to the mid-Byzantine years (6th-7th centuries AD) are preserved and visible to the visitor. Its operation began in December 2014 with the inauguration of the long periodical exhibition "Volos-Nea Ionia: So Close, So Far", devoted to the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the refugee settlement in Nea Ionia.

The exhibition is developed on 2 floors and is structured in 9 sections. In the corridor of the stairway each floor indicative chronology presents the historical evolution of the city from the Ottoman installation in the Castle in 1423 until 2014. The exit is the place of reflection and educational actions.

Address: 17, Feron Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10:30 - 13:30 Wednesday & Friday 18: 00-21: 00
Ticket price: General admission 2 € Group ticket (over 5 persons) 1 € Organized guided tours 1 € / person
E-mail: Telephone: 2421029878

Sidirodromiko Mouseio Thessalias.jpg

Railway Museum Of Thessaly at Volos Railway Station

What's this item aboutThe picturesque station of Evaristo De Chirico remains the same since 1882 when the construction of a railway network by the Thessalian Railways Company gave the first impetus to the rapid development of the city. On the upper floor of the building of the station is the Railway Museum of Thessaly, which hosts rich railway, heirloom and documentary material. Specifically in the museum there is exhibited a unique for Greece wealth of small items, such as rare old photographs of uniforms, telegraphs, wooden ticket offices of the 19th century, , station watches, clocks and "primitive" measuring instruments. There are also archives, documents, rare books on railway architecture,

Tel. 24210-23424 from Monday-Friday and opening hours from 7: 30-14: 30 by appointment. Free entrance.? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Laografiko Kitsos Makris.jpg

Folklore Center Of Kistos Makris

The Kitsos Makris Folkloric Center is housed in the folklorist's home, 38, Kitsou Makri Str., And belongs to the University of Thessaly. It includes the folklore collection of the major researcher with unique exhibits, its library, consisting of 4,000 volumes of books and its archive, with 2,500 slides and 4,000 photographs, many of which depict treasures of our popular tradition that are not saved today. 

Tel. 24210-74369 from Monday-Friday 9: 00-14: 00 all year round and Saturday-Sunday closed. Free entrance.

Pinakothiki xrysoula Zioga.jpg

Museum of Chrysoula Zogia

The red house at the junction of the Vlachava and Gazi streets, known to voliotes as the "House with the Rose", functions as a museum - a gallery of painter Chrysoula Zogia. It is a place arranged with much care by the painter herself to present both her work and her character. In the house - museum, there are some 200 works of the painter representative of her path: portraits of her apprenticeship period, landscapes, old mansions and returns of internal churches. The visitor's eyes will also gain the furnishings of the house, the innumerable notes of the owner everywhere, photos of her, personal items, hundreds of paintings stuffed bottles and many others that reveal the personality of the owner.

Volos, Ant. Gazi and Vlahova, Opening Hours (from 1st of March) Wednesday and Thursday 18: 30-20: 30, upon consultation at tel. 2421029878.

Entrance free of charge. Educational programs, guided tours 1 € / person

Mouseio Ethinkis Antistasis.jpg

Museum of National Resistance

The National Resistance Museum is housed in a newly built two-storey building in the center of Nea Ionia (Loulis 33 and Crete), near the NN Evangelistria. He hosts the exhibition "Magnesia, Occupation and Resistance 1941 - 44" with evidence from the collections of the Municipal Center of History, as well as material gathered by the Municipality of N. Ionia. Typical exhibits are: paintings by N. Stournaras, based on photographic themes of the period 1941-44 in Magnesia, works by "photographer of the Resistance" Sp. Meletzis, pictures of the Occupation and Liberation by Zimeris and Stournaras, papers, newspapers, announcements, orders of the Occupation Authorities, rebel manuscripts from the collections of G. Zitou and N. Koliou, as well as articles from donations of resistance and their families. Every year there is an educational program entitled "In the streets of the Resistance".On the first floor is the Archives of the Archives, Museums & Libraries Department of the Municipality of Volos.

Address: Chr. Loulis 33A, Nea Ionia
Opening hours: Wednesday: 18:00 - 20:00 (July-August closed)
Ticket price: Free. Educational programs, guided tours 1 € / person
Phone: 2421029878, 2421021115 (hours of operation)

damtsa-Giorgo de cirico.jpg

Museum of Alekos Damtsas

The Art Center, Giorgio De Chirico, owes its name to the great Italian painter, born in Volos.On the three floors of the building is permanently exposed the gallery of the collector Alexandros Damtsa with about 500 paintings from all the important artistic trends of our century. The above works are distributed in gravures, maps and documents for the region, works by Greek engravers and works by Voliants, Magnisians and Thessalian artists. Most of the donation covers the works of Greek painters of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Other exhibitions of the Art Center regularly host exhibitions of various visual interest. 

Volos, Metamorfosis 3, tel. 24210-31701 and opening hours from 10: 00-13: 00 except Saturdays and Sundays.


Museum of silversmith Efon Etmectzoglou

Metaxourgeio Etmektzoglou was founded in 1924 by brothers Georgios and Athanasios Emetmekzoglou. It is the first factory to operate in the province of Nea Ionia and is closely related to the social and economic life of the country.

Nowadays, the equipment that is mainly owned by the last phase of the operation (1961-1991) is preserved in the factory. Particularly good parts of steam boilers, old and new drying and sorting devices, boilers, as well as weaving equipment are preserved in very good condition.

The Museum of Metaxourgia works in synergy with the Library of Nea Ionia, which is housed in the building of the first dormitory.

Address: Anapafseos-Karabatzaki, Nea Ionia
Operating hours: Upon consultation
Ticket price: Free. Educational programs, guided tours 1 € / person
Phone: 2421029878, 2421091077

Typografiko mouseio efimeridas Thessalia

Typographic Museum of Thessaly Newspaper

The Museum of the Longest Greek Provincial Newspaper - uninterrupted edition since 1898 - can only be a separate typographic museum. In a room of 350 square meters in the premises of the newspaper in the Industrial Area of Volos, hundreds of years of everyday history and a hundred years of technology are hosted.

Lines of the nineteenth-century printing press, presses, cutlery, printing accessories, typing tables are framed by the oldest and fuller newspaper Greece (more than 1,000,000 pages) and 40 windows with an equal number of distinguished historical headlines.

Volos Industrial Area, tel. 24210-95751 and 24210-95752 (appointment only tour)

ENTOMOLOGIKO Museum-150x150.jpg

Entomological Museum of Athanasios Koutroubas

The entomological museum of Dr. Athanassios Koutroumas, in Volos, is unique in Greece and one of the best in the Balkans. It is continuously enriched with new species and today includes 100,000 insects of various classes, mainly lepidoptera, belonging to more than 35,000 species, subspecies and breeds. Among them are rare or unique specimens such as the largest butterfly in the world, Thysania agrippina of South America with a feather opening of 37-40 cm.

Ticket price for pupils and students EUR 2 and for adults 4 EUR
Direction: Ar. Zachou 98 and Sikelianou
Visiting hours after a phone call at 6945296129 in the morning and 2421048556 in the afternoon.

theofilos museum.jpg

Museum of Theofilos

The Kontos residence in Anakassia is one of the most important newer monuments in the area, as it is the only mansion in Pelion preserved with a complete painting program. The painted decoration of the house began with the painter Theophilos Hadjimichail in 1912 and is divided into two zones. In the lower zone he painted various decorative themes, such as a wide variety of pots of flowers and birds, fountains, wildlife and hunting scenes. Here is the upper zone where there are 14 large paintings with themes taken from the Greek Revolution. In the narrow part of the hall he painted four Gods of Olympus and on the blind wall of the floor a large landscape painting with the theme of Anakassia and in the background Makrinitsa and Portaria.

Anakassia, tel. 24210-47340 and 24210-49151.
Working Hours 8: 00-14: 30 all year round except weekend.
Free entrance.

Museum Αρχαιολογικο Μουσειο Αλμυρου.jpg

Archaeological Museum of Almyros

The Archaeological Museum of Almyros is a neoclassical building that was founded in 1910 and started operating in 1925. After many revolutions, it has been redeveloped since 1998 and includes findings from the part of Thessaly, whose historical times were called Achaia Fthiotida. The exhibition of the Ancient of objects is organized in three rooms: the Fthiotides of Thiva (an archaic city near Mikrothives, which held the first place among the cities of the region), the hall with vases, figurines, tools, weapons, jewelery, anti texts miniature prehistoric and Iron Age and the room with objects from the Hellenistic city of Alos in today Kefalosi Almyrou position and right of the entrance housed the Company Filarchaiou valuable library Almyros "Othris" with rare books of historical and archaeological content.

Archaeological Museum of Almyros, Athens 48, tel. 2422021326.
Opening hours 8: 30-15: 00 except Mondays.
Ticket price 2 euros and reduced 1 euro.

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