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Archaeological Sites


The name of Anchialos during the Early Christian period was Phthiotic Thebes. It was ruined in 7th century and since then, there are not any evidences of new community. It was inhabited again only in the beginning of our century and it was named Nea Anchialos.


Ancient Demetrias

The ancient city of Demetrias, built on a strategic site on the Pagasitikos Gulf, was named after its founder Demetrios Poliorketes. In the early third century BC, this Macedonian king united a group of small villages around the classical city of Pagasai to create a new city that he intended as a powerful economical and political centre.




The large and well-organized prehistoric settlement of Dimini sits on a low hill overlooking the Pagasitikos bay, northwest of the modern village of Dimini, five kilometres from the city of Volos. It is the most important settlement of the Late Neolithic period and one of the best known in Greece.




The remains of one of the most important Neolithic Greek and European settlements sits on the Kastraki hill, near the modern village of Sesklo. The site, which gives its name to a Neolithic culture found throughout Thessaly, was inhabited from the Early Neolithic period (seventh millennium BC) until the Middle Bronze Age...




The ancient city of Pherai, one of the most important cities of Thessaly, was occupied from the Final Neolithic (about 3000 B.C.) to the beginning of the Roman Imperial period (1st century A.D.), when it was probably abandoned.



Ancient Alos

The Hellenistic city of Halos lies on a narrow strip of land in the eastern part of the Almyros plain, between Mount Othrys and the Pagasitikos Gulf. Its location was strategic in antiquity, since it controlled the road connecting southern and northern Greece. 



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