Tours & Excursions

During your stay in Nea Anchialos there are plenty or interesting places to visit as a half day or full day tour. Here we are presenting you some tour proposal for your convenience.

Half Day Tours Proposals

Nea Anchialos
Archaeological Excavations and Sites
Volos City
Port promanade & Shopping
Volos Museum
Volos Archaeological Museum
Portaria - Makrynitsa
Visit Portaria and Makrynitsa
Little Train of Pelion
Visit "Moutzouris" the little train of Pelion
Prehistoric Dimini & Sesklo
Prehistoric settlements of Dimini & Sesklo
Monastery Panagia Xenia
Holly Monastery of Panagia Xenia
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Full Day Tours Proposals

Skiathos Cruise
Round of Pelion
Plastira Lake
Vergina & Dion
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